Our Values

The DNA of Our Company
Our values align with our global view and our Minnesota rootscharacter driven with a focus on hard work. We recognize that our employees are at the heart of all we do. Without them, absolutely none of our achievements would have been possible, that’s why we strive to deliver a rewarding workplace where our people feel inspired and valued.

Employees Come First

We value diversity, equity and inclusion and believe our differences make us stronger. Our relationships are built on honesty, trust and respect. We appreciate our co-workers and enjoy working hard and having fun together.

Obsessed With Customers

We are passionate about understanding our current and future customers’ needs and helping them achieve success. As trusted advisors, we solve problems and drive value for their business. Our goal is to have customers for life.

Thirst For Growth

Growth is imperative in a network business. Growth also fuels constant change. We embrace that change and continue to reinvent ourselves as we grow. SPS Commerce is not for the faint of heart.

Results Matter

We are accountable for our results. We hold ourselves and each other to high standards of performance.. In getting results, we operate with integrity and respect.

Know More To Be More

We create our own opportunities. Curiosity and initiative drive us to learn and grow personally and professionally .The result is innovation, process improvement and customer success.

Win Today, Win Tomorrow

Winning is a tradition. Our competitive spirit drives us to be the best in our industry. Today’s decisions and actions balance our short and long-term objectives. Because winning is fun, we celebrate often.

Get After It

Speed matters. We demonstrate a sense of urgency and commitment to get things done. Speed and quality are not mutually exclusive — we need both.

Succeed Together

Collaboration and teamwork are just how we work. When we disagree, we do so respectfully and move forward united. No individual or group can do it all – that’s why we do it together.

Lead The Way

We are obligated to lead – as individuals and as a company. Our current and future customers expect us to lead them to great solutions and success. We proudly and confidently bring disruptive products to market.

Give Back

Generosity and caring for others makes a difference. We actively contribute to our communities and encourage volunteerism and philanthropy among our employees.

See Our Values in Action

You’re more than a set of skills and SPS Commerce is more than an employer. We’re a team. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers, employees and our community involvement.